The Pole and Aerial Playground - Pole Dance Studio in Centurion

Our People



Enter your text here Bianca has debbled in ballet and ballroom dancing and has been involved in the pole fitness for almost 6 years. She has been teaching for almost 4 of those yease. She serves on the commitee of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), the primary body striving for the inclusion of pole fitness as an Olympic sport. In addition Bianca is currently a qualified Grade 2 judge for the IPSF and is also the only qualified Head Judge in Africa. She is also busy completing her qualification for training elite youth pole athletes (also endorsed by IPSF). Bianca has judged both national and international competitions. She was also invited to judge the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Classic in South Africa in 2016. She has attended numerous workshops and master classes offered by some of the leading pole athletes in the world and has attended the South African Summer Pole Camp every year since its inception.

Trishca  has a background in gymnastics, ballet and ballroom dancing and has been involved with pole fitness for 4 years. She is quite new to teaching pole fitness. She has completed The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme qualification  in 2016 - currently one of the only recognized qualifications in South Africa (recognized by REPSA, ACE and Skills Active). She has also attended several workshops offered by both local and international pole athletes.

About Us

The Pole and Aerial Playground is a concept developed by two friends who have a passion for dance , fitness, teaching and a combination thereof. We believe it is important to have fun. When we were children, being fit invloved playing outside, exploring and pushing ourselfs without fear or boredom. We strive to offer a unique approach to fitness - one that is fun and different and that allows students to push the boudaries of their strength, flexibility and mental capacity within a safe environment.