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AnyBODY may join a pole class as depicted by Leen Isabel's commic.



















Pole fitness is a fun way of getting fit, losing weight, toning muscles and improving self confidence. According to Health24 you can get a core and cardio workout while attending a pole fitness class in addition to increasing your strength and flexiblity.



Once you have decided to join us for a trail class, please remember to bring a hand towel, some water and a yoga mat with you to class. In order to get the most out of your first class, we suggest that you wear the following:


  • A short but if you feel uncomfortable in it you are welcome to wear long tights or trackstuit pants
  • A vest or a T-shirt that you can tuck in
  • Although pole fitness is practised bare feet you are welcome to wear ballet shoes.

Also bear in mind that jewellery are not permitted in class as to protect you from injury, your and our propetry. Please don't apply any form of moisturiser before class as this might cause you to slip off the pole.


Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than what your class will start in order to speak to your instructor or fellow students and familiarise yourself with our studio.


You might suffer from muscle soreness after your first

class if you aren't use to exersice. It is also very possible

that you have bruises, I mean pole kisses.  Leen Isabel's

commic has some advice on healing bruises.





Why pole fitness?

First pole fitness class...

pole kisses
watch this space